Here is my LinkedIn profile, which is where most people look these days.

Philosopher Zat Rana says “you are not who you say you are. In this age of social media, “more and more, we live in a world where we are defined by who we say we are rather than who we really are.”

Media biographies do not discern what one truly believes, what are one’s motivations, how one makes choices in the face of challenge, and how one is meaningful to others.

Here is a possible way around that.

In grad school, a classmate said: you are only as good as your last exam. This idea could also apply to career paths. I like this idea, because it never lets one rest on their laurels, no matter how successful one was. Accomplished people from the past rarely solve the problems of the future.

So to keep it honest and authentic, this website is a record of some of my latest thinking and analysis and what I can share to give others ideas.

If you are engaged in something, and want to get another perspective, reach out on this contact page.